The re-development of the Port Moresby International Airport (PMIA) is to undertake significant aircraft pavement rehabilitation, design and upgrade aircraft parking aprons, design and construct new terminal facilities, electrical upgrading and new airport lighting works.


The work has been separated into two sections:


Section 1 Works –Airside Civil works to address the issues of aircraft parking for APEC while also improving/ upgrading the airport pavements and facilities (existing runway, taxiways and aprons) to maintain the Safety of aircraft operations. This is inclusive of other operational essential services (airfield lighting system) and public utilities (power supply, water, sewerage, storm-water and fuel lines) to be relocated and improved.


Section 2 Works –Design and construct building works (extension of existing international and domestic terminal buildings) and other new airside and landside infrastructure works for compliance to CAR Part 139. The Terminal facilities to cater for the future demand to target year 2030.



a) Contract Conditions – Final review was conducted on February 2017 for Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contract.


          Documentation for EPC Contract:

- Scope of Works

- Contract Price Breakdown schedule

- Employer’s Project Requirements containing

- Technical Specification,

- Drawings,

- Quality Assurance,

- Environmental Management,

- Method of Working Plan,

- Safety During Aerodrome Works AC Part 139.4,

- Security Management,

- Health and Safety Management

- Design Management Plan and

- Construction Execution Plan


b) PMU have completed evaluation


c) Financing arrangements in progress. NAC is to secure and raise project funding for the Section 1 Works. GoPNG to secure major financing arrangements


d) Decision to proceed with Contract pending GoPNG NEC approval


Scope of Works sequence for Section 1 Works. Priority will be given to the construction of international and domestic apron strengthening and extension, prior to the asphalt overlay and lighting works. This is mainly in anticipation of the APEC Summit in 2018.




The high level tentative Schedules of Delivery frame work.


Contractor Price Section 1 works      

March, 2017

NEC Submission

Pending NEC

Contract documents to State Solicitor


Contract Singing        


Ground Breaking


Fund raising for Section 1 by NAC


Loan Negotiation with Chinese Finance Inst     


Section 1 Works Commence 


Section 1 Works Completion

July 2018