Safety Assurance and Regulatory Compliance Division


The NAC SARC (Safety Assurance and Regulatory Compliance) Division is an independent unit that is not directly involved in the implementation of daily operations, i.e. No conflict of interest.


SARC is responsible for the monitoring and oversight of safety, quality and compliance requirements as per Civil Aviation Rule Part 100, (Safety and Quality Management System). These safety and quality function is monitored in alignment with the implementation of Civil Aviation Rule Part 139 (Aerodrome Certification and Operation) and Part 140 Aviation Security Service Organisation and other necessary related regulatory compliance requirements  on an organisational or corporate Level.


SARC also manages safety and quality data collection and reporting of all hazards, incidents and accidents including those reportable under Civil Aviation Rule Part 12. It also provides oversight and monitoring of the Wildlife and Environmental Management system and the Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace health and safety.


The NAC SARC Division liaises and coordinates with NAC’s Stakeholders, Airline Operators and CASA PNG for Certification Requirements and all safety and compliance requirements.