Mission and Vision

National Airports Corporation has developed and implemented a comprehensive Corporate strategy with an end goal of technological and economic significance for Papua New Guinea. National Airports Corporation aims to be operating a total of 15 Smart Airports by the year 2030.

NAC’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide and operate airports that meets international ICAO standards in airport infrastructure and facilities that ensures the highest standards of aviation security and safety in all our airports. We commit to providing the state of the art facilities that ensures efficient and effective processing of aircrafts and passengers through our highly skilled and committed workforce. We are committed also to strengthening NAC's working relationships with our strategic development partners and stakeholders including our shareholder to ensure we continue to make our airports the positive catalyst to improving mobility of people and creating economic opportunities and prosperity for Papua New Guinea and the region.

NAC’s Vision Statement

By 2030 we are operating a total of 15 international standard Smart Airports.

NAC’s Core Values

  • Innovative and Creative
  • Customer Focused
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Courageous
  • Responsible
  • Accountable

NAC’s Core Strategies for Excellence

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders include all Donor Agencies and Development Partners such as ADB, JICA and Commercial Banks. Other stakeholders include Airlines Operators, Regulators such as ICAO, CASA, and Key interest parties such as Governments of countries towards the South and North of our borders whose citizens fly over or into our airspace, and the aviation authorities within the region.

Governance Excellence

Responsibility, Engagement, Accountability and Transparency in our decision making for Tendering and procurement process, recruitment, promotions, appointments, policy and practice, financial and management accounting standards, payroll, Certification requirements under CASA and ICAO Standards.

Operational Excellence

All key airport terminal buildings, equipment and facilities are operable and available 24/7 ensuring seamless and efficient processing of aircraft and passenger traffic in a safe and secure airport environment. Our internal policies and processes are automated and integrated leading to improved reliability in our brand.

People and Culture

Our people possess the right skills and knowledge and behavioural competency that supports and ensures the successful execution of our strategies on a consistent basis. Our management and leadership practices are the best of the best. We have the right tools, systems, technology, constant supply of human capital, right person in the right job at the right time doing the right things.


 The NAC Corporate Plan can downloaded here.