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National Airports Corporation recruited, trained and graduated eighteen young and strong vibrant Airport Fireman on Saturday 19th November in Goroka and welcomed them on board. The 18 graduates had undergone six weeks of compulsory training on Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF), including the basic aviation requirements to prepare them to become a fit and proper person for the job. They were trained by ARFF Trainer, Mr Silas Sam, based in Madang, whilst skills and experienced were shared by the senior ARFF officers based in Goroka. From the eighteen new graduates, 10 will be stationed at Goroka airport, in preparation for the state of the art new terminal facility and runway that is currently under construction, whilst 7 will be deployed to Kagamuga, another new facility and one graduate to be based in Madang airport to meet our minimum ICAO standards.


Richard Yopo, the Acting Managing Director of NAC encouraged the young men to stay true to their roles, be committed to the safety of our airports and be the person their parents want them to be. Along to witness the graduation was the Honourable Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr Steven Davis and Vice Minister for Agriculture, Mr Mogerma Sigowei. Mr. Davis expressed his satisfaction that the board and the management was getting it right by recruiting young blood into the workforce to be well blended and trained by our current well experienced workforce so that the young people can take us through the years to come. He stressed that this was money well spent and was excited to see the young aviation fireman graduate, and the leaders being there in the morning to attend the graduation was to show the value he placed on this process.


The Minister for Civil Aviation, marked it as the beginning of one’s chapter in life and encouraged the graduates to give their very best in making a positive change at their level towards NAC, the Aviation Industry and PNG as a whole. He further pointed out to the 18 young Papua New Guineans brought into the workforce, they would be meaningful citizens, tax payers and future specialist who would most immediately start to take over from some of our current, loyal hardworking and long serving staff who have moved from DCA, CAA to now NAC. He thanked the trainer for passing on the skills and knowledge to these young men.